25 – 26 September

London, United Kingdom



CRISPR AgBio Congress helps harness the potential of precise genome editing and advance trait breeding technology to increase productivity and yield.

Faster, more accurate breeding techniques, that help achieve the most desirable traits of crops and plants, are no longer hypothetical. The application of CRISPR/Cas9 technology has paved the way for dramatic advances in speed, scope and scale of genetic improvement. With evolving regulatory structures in place, crops and livestock products created through genome engineering might prove to be more acceptable to the public. This is essential in safeguarding the future performance CRISPR edited Ag product, and its impact on the world’s food supply.

Top Topics

Advance your understanding of CRISPR technology & uncover novel applications

Top Topics

CRISPR AgBio Congress’ mission is to help:

  • educate about these technology advancements
  • enhance the specificity, efficiency and delivery of CRISPR technology for functional genomics and improved gene discovery
  • truly understand the phenotypic impact of genetic modifications

At CRISPR AgBio Congress you will:

  • discover how the industry is applying CRISPR technology to maximize the potential for developing and commercializing non-GMO products with advanced crop and plant traits, and higher yield production
  • gain clarity on the regulatory landscape, highlighting case studies on existing products receiving initial regulatory approval
  • network with top executives from the industry and be part of discussions about the future of CRISPR/Cas9


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