25 – 26 September

London, United Kingdom


Advancing Trait Breeding Technology & Precision Genome Editing to Increase Productivity & Yield

Following the successful CRISPR AgBio Congress in San Diego, we’re happy to announce the European edition of this only end-to-end meeting dedicated to helping  agricultural biotech and agrochemical companies leverage the power of CRISPR/Cas9 advanced trait breeding technology and precision genome editing, to overcome productivity challenges, increase yield and pioneer sustainable agriculture in plants breeding, crop protection and livestock.


We aim to support CRISPR development in agriculture and help:

  • discover new ways of overcoming productivity challenges
  • commercialize the next generation of sustainable and superior agricultural products
  • share the newest topics and the regulatory status related to CRISPR/Cas9 technology
  • meet the world’s growing food demands

“Great conference and a good mix of academic, industry, and government speakers who understand the system from different but complimentary perspectives.”
CRISPR AgBio Congress 2017, San Diego

“Important Congress to make contacts and listen to different opinions regarding the future of CRISPR technology”
CRISPR AgBio Congress 2017, San Diego

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